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Machine Learning Solution Architect (Full-time or contract)

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • Penang, MY
  • Remote friendly

2021-10-27 01:28:17 UTC

At Xpress.ai we work with customers to co-develop new solutions that fit their business needs and optionally then take it to market. The role of the Machine Learning Architect is to lead the machine learning team and ensure they are using the appropriate tools to solve the problem and provide appropriate amounts of scrutiny to the results to ensure they meet customer requirements.

Job responsibilities

●      Architecting, designing, planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and statistical processes against business requirements

●      Innovating at the intersection of statistics, AI, and complex systems optimization

●      Working with cross-functional business and technical teams to apply your unique skillset to drive new to the world data science capabilities and business results.

●      Engaging with the Product Owner and program stakeholders to develop acceptance criteria for features and user stories to meet business requirements. 

●      Provide expert level ML architecture and technical lead services, including the direction, evaluation, selection, configuration, implementation, and integration of new and existing technologies

●      Own the architectural decisions for the team and be the visionary force behind the technical solutions for business problems

●      Work closely with product owner(s) and product team(s) in the definition of roadmaps and architectures for a product or product(s), according to business strategies and enterprise architecture framework

●      Develop reusable modular components to operationalize and productionize machine learning models

●      Collaborate with other key stakeholders to enable key MLOps functions

●      Apply your AWS cloud expertise to develop creative and innovative solutions

●      Work with a dynamic team of Innovators, AI engineers and data scientists that are at the forefront of AI/ML application for the company.

●      Research and develop leading-edge solutions to deploy AI models fast and at-scale.

●      Apply the DevOps principles to AI solutions for continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous training.


Job requirements

●      Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, machine learning, mathematics or similar field 

●      Minimum 10 years of Industry experience leading, building, and deploying highly scalable AI/ML systems, algorithms, and tools on platforms to support machine learning and deep learning solutions.

●      Experience with statistical computing, programming & data engineering languages like Java EE and Python

●      Bring your deep expertise in cloud architecture / DevOps to analyze and recommend enterprise-grade solutions for operationalizing AI / ML analytics.

●      Develop end-to-end (Data/Dev/ML)Ops pipelines based on in-depth understanding of cloud platforms, AI lifecycle, and business problems to ensure analytics solutions are delivered efficiently, predictably, and sustainably.

●      Designs and builds pipelines that shorten development cycles for our software and AI/ML systems:

●      Build and automate our AI/ML workstream from data analysis, experimentation, operationalization, model training, model tuning to visualization.

●      Improve and maintain our automated CI/CD pipeline.

●      Assist data scientists with model evaluation and training (includes versioning, compliance and validation).

●      Build and maintain data pipelines for analytics, model evaluation and training (includes versioning, compliance and validation).

●      Work with AI/ML practitioners to solve complex problems and create unique solutions for MLOps.

●      Experience in configuring AWS environment (i.e. EC2, S3, DB’s etc.) Data(Glue, EMR,etc.) and AWS Services (Step & Lambda Functions etc.)

●      Proficient in AWS, DevOps, CI/CD and Microservices

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Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 4 hours with Penang, Malaysia